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Molecular Discovery Grants



The Michigan State University Molecular Discovery Grants (MSU-MDG) have been established between the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology and MSU Drug Discovery to provide pilot funding for accelerating the discovery and development of chemical technologies with applications for human health, animal health and agricultural use (max $30,000; average: $10,000- 15,000). The primary aim of these funds is to advance projects toward extramural funding or to the creation or development of intellectual property and commercialization.


Specific goals include:

• Assisting investigators in advancing their programs in the early phases of the discovery process with long-term commercialization in mind.

• Supporting early activities (e.g. screening) not readily funded by other sources.

• Providing additional data to support extramural grant applications.

• Aiding in the discovery or development of intellectual property.

• Accelerating therapeutics or diagnostics discovery and development programs


For more information, please contact:

Joseph Nichols, PhD - MSU Drug Discovery - Program Manager 

Email:  nicho621@msu.edu

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