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Medicinal Chemistry Facility

Industry experience in a university setting.  Industry-experienced medicinal chemistry and  API development expertise supporting early stage discovery to candidate API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) development.

  • The mission of the MSU Medicinal Chemistry Facility is to serve as a campus-wide and community resource, providing investigators with expert consultation on all aspects of the preparation, purification, ADME, and physical properties of chemical matter.  We impact research in the following areas:  screening and target validation, series identification and scale-up to support in vitro and in vivo efficacy models.
  • Results are delivered in a timely manner maintaining communication throughout. 
  • As each program is unique, our commitment is to provide you the highest quality to move your program forward.  
  • We assist you in the development of structural-activity relationships and scale-up activities to help answer the pertinent questions associated with the progression of your compound or series. 

Please contact us to see how we can help you. 


Contact us: http://Ellswo59@msu.edu



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