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Grant Opportunities

Projects developed within the MSU DD facilities have produced additional extramural funding.  (See our MSU Community page for more details: link) Our staff would like to extend their desire to help you develop your project into being a strong candidate for any of the following opportunities:

Targeted Support Grant for Technology Development (TSGTD)

The Targeted Support Grant for Technology Development (TSGTD) provides funding for the enhancement, optimization and/or other development of selected technologies that have commercial potential as identified by MSUT Management and Technology Managers. These grants will accelerate the process of transforming promising technologies into products that are responsive to market demand, increase the commercial value of technologies, and enable MSU researchers to retain a greater share of ownership.


ADVANCE Grant Proof-of-Concept Fund

This University Early-Stage Proof-of-Concept Fund is designed to closely align with other programs (e.g., MTRAC, T3N, First Capital Fund), as well as angel and venture capital within the State to provide a pipeline of de-risked technologies and fundable startup opportunities for further advancement. The ADVANCE Grant program like MTRAC, will provide a strong incentive for faculty with early stage technologies at the Michigan public universities to engage with their university’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and commercialization activities. Technologies, TTOs, and inventors that receive funding under the ADVANCE Grant Program will benefit through achievement of critical early-stage milestones such as proof-of-concept or market opportunity validation which will lead to follow-on commercialization activities.