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Specialty Chemical Processing / Large Scale Syntheses

Chemical Processing / Large Scale Syntheses

The MSU BI (Bioeconomy Institute) team has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients from different fields and in performing chemical processes on a commercial scale.

The Holland scale-up and production facility provides specialty chemical process development, proof of concept and manufacturing resources allowing organizations to quickly and cost effectively extend their capabilities without committing the capital to build a facility.

The scale-up facility has 31,400 liters of glass-lined, Hastelloy and stainless steel capacity. The facility is rated as Class I, Division I, Group D and is Process Safety Management (PSM) compliant, has a flexible State of Michigan Air Permit and employs personnel that are qualified to handle hazardous waste. Our team has experience performing reactions from -100°C to 230°C and from full vacuum to 50psi.

Contact us: http://bioeconomy.msu.edu/contact-us/