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Compound Libraries


Compound Libraries

Prestwick FDA Approved Chemical Library

100% approved drugs (FDA, EMA and other agencies)

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NIH Clinical Collection

The NIH Clinical Collection is a plated array of 727 small molecules that have a history of use in human clinical trials and known safety profiles

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NCI/DTP Libraries

  • Diversity Set: Derived from the almost 140,000 compounds available from the DTP repository
  • Mechanistic Set: Derived from the 37,836 open compounds that have been tested in the NCI human tumor 60 cell line screen
  • Approved Oncology Drugs Set: FDA-approved  compounds in clinical use for oncology

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NCATS Mechanism Interrogation PlatE (MIPE)

This library contains a collection of small molecule chemical probes from the literature, investigational drugs, novel agents entering the clinic, and FDA approved drugs. All of the compounds in this library have a known mechanism of action

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PKIS Kinase Inhibitor Set

Collection of kinase inhibitors covering >30 chemotypes provided by GSK (now housed at SGC-UNC) for screening; all compounds have been published in the scientific literature

Sigma Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds (LOPAC)

Biologically annotated collection of inhibitors, receptor ligands, pharma-developed tools, and approved drugs, which impact most signaling pathways and cover all major drug target classes

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MicroSource Spectrum Collection

Selected by medicinal chemists and biologists so as to provide a wide range of biological activities and structural diversity, includes approved drugs (50%), diverse natural products (30%), and other bioactive compounds (20%)

Maybridge Diversity Library

Structurally diverse and distinct drug-like compound library designed to identify small molecule lead compounds for HTS drug discovery