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Laboratories and Equipment


The Medicinal Chemistry Core laboratory is 979 square feet with an adjacent solvent storage and preparative HPLC space; fume hoods for synthesis and chromatography space.


    • 2 Medium pressure preparative chromatography (Isco CombiFlash)
    • LC Advion LC/MS
    • 2 HPLC systems
    • 2 Buchi R-100 rotary evaporators/vacuum pumps
    • 3 Seargent-Welch high vacuum and 3 medium vacuum pumps
    • Anton-Parr Monowave 400 Microwave Synthesizer
    • 10 Fisher temperature controllers/stirrers, 1 orbital stirrer
    • Vacuum oven and heating oven
    • Freeze Dryer and pump
    • Savant SpeedVac with Refrigerated Concentration Trap
    • Multivap Organomation
    • Equipped with all standard glassware/hardware required for syntheses support, parallel medicinal chemistry, and the purification of analogs
    • MSU NMR and MS Core Facility support