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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Cytek Aurora


BD Accuri C6

Luminex 200


Cytek Aurora Tools

Aurora users can find many links within the Resources page to helpful YouTube videos demonstrating various instrument and software capabilities.

Cytek Aurora Resources Page

Cytek Aurora Users Community

Cytek Aurora Fluorochrome Selection Guide

Cytek Aurora Spectra Analyzer

BioLegend Aurora Spectra Analyzer


Grant Support Documentation

Core/Instrumentation Description

Letter of Support Draft

A NIH OR NSF Biosketch can be provided upon request.


External Resources

Spectra Viewers:

ThermoFisher SpectraViewer

Chroma Spectra Viewer

BioLegend Spectra Analyzer

BD Biosciences Spectrum Viewer


Web Tools



FluoroFinder is a panel design tool offering free accounts to academic users. The MSU Flow Cytometry Core instrument configurations are available on FluoroFinder for targeted instrument-specific panel design.

Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels (OMIPs)

Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panel (OMIP) is a special peer-reviewed Cytometry Part A publication type that reports on newly designed and optimized multicolor panels for flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, image cytometry, and other polychromatic fluorescence-based methods.

OMIPs are aimed: (1) to alleviate the development time for researchers in need of the same or highly similar panels, (2) to provide a starting point for the creation of novel OMIPs, and (3) to give the developers of the panels credit via citation or the publication.

Immunological Genome Project (ImmGen)

ImmGen is a collaborative effort between Immunologists and Computational Biologists designed with the goal of understanding immunological gene expression patterns in mice. Gene expression in various innate and adaptive immune cells can be queried within this database.


BenchSci is an AI-assisted antibody selection tool. By entering your desired antibody target into the search engine, this tool will mine publications for antibodies that have been utilized for various endpoints to aid in the reagent selection process.