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All individuals interested in using benchtop analyzers or cell sorting services within the Core should follow these steps prior to instrument-specific training or use. The order presented is a general recommendation, however, organization of the Project Review meeting, completing the questionnaire, and attending the Principles of Flow Cytometry discussion may be addressed in order of convenience. If you are interested in receiving updates from the Core Facility, including upcoming scheduling of Principles of Flow Cytometry discussion, please contact in order to be added to MSU Flow Cytometry listserv email distribution list.

This mandatory training is required for anyone interested operating benchtop analyzers or using cell sorting services; or if you just want to learn more about flow cytometry. Once training has been completed, users will gain access to instrument-specific training modules and materials. Please contact if you are interested in initiating the MSU Flow Cytometry Core Facility training process.


Completion of the Biosafety Questionnaire is required prior to approval of instrument-specific training or cell sorting. Please update or submit a new questionnaire if sample origins or transfection methods change at any time prior to running samples on instrumentation in the Core Facility.


Please arrange a Project Review meeting with the Core Director prior to initiation of a new project. The objective of these meetings are to determine which instrument will best suit the goals of the project and to provide guidance on proper reagents and controls. There is no charge for this meeting. Please email to schedule a Project Review meeting.


Benchtop analyzer training can be scheduled following attendance of Principles of Flow Cytometry training, Instrument-specific modules, discussion and Project Review meeting (if appropriate), and completion of the Biosafety Questionnaire. 


Use of benchtop analyzers and cell sorting services, including training, can be scheduled using the iLab platform. Follow these instructions to register a Lab/Group and/or user account.


Prior to scheduling your first sort, please review the best practices documentation, which outlines important information regarding appropriate sample buffer, collection buffers, filtering samples, sample concentrations, etc.


Facility access will be granted once instrument-specific training has been completed. Please contact (IQ) or (BPS) with APID/ZPID and 6-digit * code on your ID card to request access.


External portable data storage devices are not allowed in the Core Facility. For networked instruments, please transfer your data to the MSU Spartan365 Drive. (OneDrive accessible through MSU login credentials).


Please reference instrumentation used within the Core Facility in your publications. Referencing the Core Facility will help support internal and external funding of the Core Facility. Authorship for projects where the Core Facility staff has provided a substantial amount of scientific support, data analysis, or data interpretation is welcomed.