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Multiplex Systems

Luminex 200 (IQ - Rm 2522)                                                 Assisted setup $104.69/use

The Luminex 200 is a diagnostic instrument that enables bead-based multiplex analysis of up to 100 analytes simultaneously in a single low-volume (≥ 2 µL) sample. This system utilizes fluorescently labeled microbeads that are conjugated with a specific reagent (eg, antibody, antigen, enzyme substrate, etc.) enable capture and detection of analytes of interest. The Luminex 200 is equipped with 2 lasers: a 635nm classification laser for excitation of fluorescently-labeled microbeads and a 532nm reporter laser for excitation of the analyte signal. The Luminex 200 has a dynamic range typically ≥ 3.5 logs.

Commercially available and custom multiplex kits can be analyzed on the Luminex 200 to quantify protein expression (ie, cytokines, growth factors, phosphoproteins, etc.) in a variety of species (ie, human, mouse, rat, dog, etc.) and samples types (ie, cell culture media, plasma, serum, BALF, etc.). In addition to immunoassays, the platform can be used for enzyme assays, genotyping, gene expression analysis, or assessment of protein-protein interactions.

A handheld magnetic plate washer, microtiter plate shaker, bath sonicator, and vortexer are available in the core to enable multiplex assay performance.

Luminex 200 machine