BD Accuri C6

The BD Accuri C6 is a compact flow cytometer that uses a low-pressure pumping system to drive the fluidics allowing for the derivation of sample volume and calculation of absolute counts or sample concentration per microliter. The instrument is capable of running up to 10,000 events per second at sample concentrations of over 5 x 106 cells/mL. It is equipped with 2 lasers: a blue 488nm (3 detectors + FSC/SSC; FL1 [530±15 nm], FL2 [585±20 nm], FL3 [>670 nm]) and a red 640nm (1 detector; FL-4 [675±12.5 nm]). The optical configuration allows multi-parameter detection of up to 4 fluorescent parameters and 2 light scatter parameters. Optical filters allow for detection of commonly used fluorescent markers, including, but not limited to:

  • FL1- FITC, AF488, GFP, CFSE, YFP

  • FL2- PE, PI

  • FL3- PerCP, PerCP-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7, RFP, mCherry

  • FL4- APC, AF647, APC-Cy7, APC-H7

Picture of BD Accuri 6 Machine