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Flow Cytometry Core


MSU Flow Cytometry Core

The mission of the MSU Flow Cytometry Core Facility is to provide investigators with cell sorting services and access to cutting-edge analytical flow cytometry instrumentation, as well as training and experimental consultation.

We are graciously supported by the MSU Office of the Senior Vice President for Research & Innovation (VPRI), the College of Human Medicine (CHM), the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM), and the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology.

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Core Updates

  • Benchtop Analyzer use is restricted to currently trained super-users performing approved essential research. Remote super-user training can be provided to users that have already been trained on benchtop analyzers. This training covers additional information regarding independent QC, instrument maintenance, and troubleshooting. Users wishing to receive training as a super user should contact us at to schedule a Zoom training.
  • Only one instrument may be booked at a time in a room and use is restricted to one person in the room at a time. This means other instrumentation will be unavailable for use during sample acquisition/sorting.
  • Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes between instrument bookings.
  • Zoom will be installed on all appropriate instruments, should users need any remote assistance.
  • Any issues with instrumentation (no matter how minor), should be immediately communicated to the appropriate Core staff and
  • PPE, including lab coat, gloves, and mask are required in all Flow Cytometry Core rooms during setup, use of instruments, and clean-up.
  • Users will make sure to wipe down common surfaces before leaving the rooms with PDI wipes (eg, keyboard, mouse, vortex, pens, sink handles, light switch, etc.).
  • Users accessing instruments are required to fill out Health Screening Forms before entry into the building for contact tracing purposes: 
    IQ Check-in & Health Screening 
    BPS Check-in & Health Screening 
  • Face masks are required to be worn in all common areas of IQ and BPS.
  • We are currently not training new users on instrumentation. If you have someone in your lab that has previously been trained on the Accuri, LSR II, or Aurora, please coordinate with them to run your samples. In dire situations, Core Staff may be able to run samples for you, using a no-contact drop-off procedure.
  • Project review meetings may be scheduled by Zoom. This meeting is required prior to instrument-specific training. PIs are welcome and encouraged to join. It’s a great time to setup these meetings, as they are often helpful for experimental design/planning and getting started with panel design.
  • Preliminary training on the Aurora cytometer can be setup over Zoom to review best practices and Spectroflo instrumentation software.
  • Data analysis training is also available for users who may be interested in learning about using FCS Express or need help with FlowJo.

Based upon reported need for benchtop analyzers, the LSR II, Accuri, and Aurora (IQ) will remain available for trained users who responded regarding the need for instrumentation access. Currently, we are not providing training for new users on instrumentation in the Core. If your essential research activities require using the Aurora or Accuri, please make sure to book at times when the other instrument is not in use in order to maintain social distancing. Please remember to follow all posted startup and shutdown instructions and SOPs. For the Aurora, 10% bleach should be made fresh each day with MilliQ water. Additionally, please continue to clean up after you finish running your samples (wipe down keyboard, mouse, work surface, vortex, in addition to door handles and light switches with PDI wipes). If you encounter any issues with instrumentation, please contact us immediately so that we can determine the best course of action to address the problem.

***Please book benchtop analyzers at least 72h in advance to allow for coordination of Core Staff support, when necessary.

If you require sorting services for essential research, this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and needs to adhere to University policies. Please provide us with at least 7 days advance notice of sorting needs so that appropriate reviews may be conducted and approvals granted, as necessary.


If you require Luminex 200 support for essential research, this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and need to adhere to University policies. Please provide us with at least 7 days advance notice of instrument needs so that appropriate reviews may be conducted, approvals granted, and sample drop-off scheduled, as necessary. Assay performance on the Luminex 200 will be coordinated by a Core Staff member.