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Microplate Readers and Imagers




Synergy Neo







Cytation 3









Biotek Synergy Neo Plate Reader

  • Multi-mode plate reader
  • Top dual PMT and bottom filter optics
  • Top and bottom monochromator optics
  • Reagent injectors (2)
  • Integrated plate stacker (30 plates)
  • Alpha laser
  • Applications: Fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, AlphaScreen (PerkinElmer), UV-Vis absorbance, and luminescence



Biotek Cytation 3 Cell Imager

  • Automated digital microscope
  • Flexible sample format: 6- to 384-well plates, microscope slides
  • Automated XY stage, auto focus, auto exposure, and automated image capture
  • Objectives: 4x and 20x (currently available)
  • Brightfield, 365 nm, 465 nm, 531 nm, 590 nm (currently available)
  • Live cell assays with temperature control up to 45 °C, CO2/O2 gas control accessory
  • Automatic cell counting, sub-population analysis, and image statistics



Hamamatsu FDSS/µCELL Functional Drug Screening System

  • Kinetic plate reader with an integrated dispensing head and imaging-based detector
  • Simultaneous dispensing into the entire 96/384-well plates and simultaneous detection of the kinetics of the fluorescence
  • 0.5 s to 100 s/data point
  • 480 nm excitation/540 nm emission
  • More information