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MSU Drug Discovery Seminar - Karen Draths, PhD

 New Pathways for Commodity Chemical Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide and Methane


Abstract: Two of the most pressing grand challenges society faces are 1) rising atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, which cause global warming, and 2) production of chemicals from sustainable, non-food feedstocks. To address these problems, our research is advancing acetylenecarboxylic acid and acetylenedicarboxylic acid as junction points to link known chemistry of the one-carbon gases carbon dioxide and methane with enzyme catalysis. Like biomass-derived feedstocks, acetylenecarboxylic acid and acetylenedicarboxylic acid represent fixed carbon atoms that may be transformed into chemical building blocks and commodity chemicals. In this talk I will describe our progress to develop and explore the enzyme catalysis necessary to advance this alternate strategy for sustainable chemical production.

Date:  September 27, 2022

Time:  12:00 PM

Location: ISTB Conference Room & Zoom


Passcode:  504326